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Security and Fire Monitoring

Email and SMS Alarm Notifications

Subscriber Auto Reports

Authorized Reseller for AlarmNet, Uplink, ipDatatel, & Connect24 Services

After-Hours and 24-7 Answering Service

Dedicated Line Cards and Data Lines Available

Dedicated Incoming Voice Lines Available

Colocate your Receivers at our Facility


Customer Support

We pride ourselves on ensuring that your customers receive the highest level of service possible. We understand that the needs of each one of your customers will vary and we are ready to accommodate. We have procedures and policies in place from top to bottom that reinforce great service and support at all levels.

Custom Procedures

Looking to differentiate your business? The procedures that our dispatchers follow when working with your customers can be shaped to meet the needs of your business. We provide a baseline to start with and then work from there. Not Interested? You can be assured that our baseline procedures are industry standard.

Technical Support

When troubleshooting a technical issue it can be quite daunting when you don’t know where to start or what the problem might be. Our technical team has a broad array of knowledge that spans from network infrastructure to alarm communication technologies. Let us help you troubleshoot those issues by becoming an Alarm Dealer with us today!

General Assistance

Do you have a general question about anything security related? Give us a call and lets get that question answered. We don’t create silos of support where we can only answer a certain set of questions. Sometimes just talking through a question will bring you the answer that you are looking for. Security Services is here to support your business at all levels.


Dealer Access

Dealer Access is a secure, comprehensive, and easy to use remote application that allows you to manage your accounts from just about any device with an internet connection. You can do everything from Add, Edit, and Manage your accounts to create Custom Reports that generate only the data that is most important to you. With Dealer Access, we know you will be satisfied.

Dealer Management System

The Dealer Management System (DMS) is a custom built Web Application that allows us to actively make corrections on accounts when it is most needed. This allows our dispatchers to notify you directly when an account might be missing critical information, need a general update, or resolve anything that might be confusing for your customers. The DMS provides a streamlined approach to getting things fixed, Fast.

Automated Reports Designed for Dealers

Need information regarding your accounts on a recurring basis? No problem, our Automated Reports can send what you need, when you need it. Like to review your Emergency Signals on a daily basis? No Problem. Want to make sure your Dealer Offices are opening up on time? No Problem. With our Automated Reports you are always informed and in control.

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